GPJ Construction specialize in doing bid rehabs for investors around Houston, Texas. The profitability of your investment property is highly dependent on the quality of the remodel. Investors commonly have hundreds of thousands of dollars devoted to the success of their projects and can’t afford to throw their time and money away.


GPJ will provide excellent service in a time and money efficient manner.

With our team of experts, we will turn any damaged property into a successful renovation.

We understand what it takes to earn money in buying and selling real state, We have a specialize team that work with investments properties. We are used to work with draw schedules and payments based on progress. 


Our service includes:


  • Pre-buying Inspection 

  • Rehab Budget with Contingencies 

  • Plans and Permits

  • Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC inspections

  • Weekly Reports Sent to Investors with Pictures of the Progress

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